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The success of your retail business often depends on the cleanliness and organization of the space. A dirty or disorganized retail environment is unappealing to customers, which can make your sales suffer as a result. Products are also more likely to get damaged in an unclean or messy environment, which can cost you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, without a professional cleaning services, your employees are forced to bear the brunt of cleaning tasks rather than prioritizing the customer service that leads to retail success. Getting your retail space cleaned regularly by a professional service will ensure that your business succeeds without demanding extra work from you or your employees. 

Security – We know exactly who cleaned your store last night. We hire only employees who pas background check, complete a training program,  and pass a safety program before we choose to accept them onto our team. Our employees wear a Company Shirt so they are clearly identifiable in all accounts and at all times while on the job. Clean Force employees will have longevity within the company – We invest in them and we value their hard work, and reward them properly- this help us to cut down on employee turn over.  So we know exactly who cleaned your office last night!

ANY Size– We are can clean any size store from under 2,000 sf on up

ANY Frequency – We can perform routine janitorial services for your retail space on any frequency you prefer; nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We do one time cleans also.

Confidentiality – We have proper systems and procedures in place to follow the Best Practices Guidelines so our customers have peace of mind knowing that all areas are checked, secure, properly trained, and inspected at all times.

Insurance – Our Company insurance is over the minimum requirements needed for a commercial cleaning company, and we are able to appoint your company on our insurance should you require us to do so. We also have all employees bonded through the company on top of performing our background check on each employee upon hire.

Key Management Program – Here at Clean Force we have implemented an updated key management program for all of our employees. This system involves a master lock box, codes to identify our accounts, NOT your pertinent information, and a master sign out sheet for employee accountability. You have the peace of mind in knowing that we hold the security of your building as our #1 Priority here.

Billing – If you need a main headquarters location billed monthly for services we can do that, and we will still perform routine customer service at the location itself to ensure their needs are being met. We are also able to be personable enough to use your unique billing system if you would prefer.

Hi-Tech Cleaning – Many Buildings have new displays, monitors, customer workstations, and  Hi-Tech surfaces that require specific instructions for cleaning. It is important to know that all Clean Force employees have the proper training on ways to clean these items, and have the proper tools to do so.

Disinfecting – Our main job to to protect the health of your employees, staff, customers and overall establishment. We use the latest cleaning products & equipment that allow our cleaning technicians to remove soil and disinfect at the same time. We know the importance of properly trained employees taught to disinfect important areas like door knobs, light switches, chairs, counters – on each and every clean. Cleaning needs to be detailed and specific and we allow our employees are allowed proper time to clean and disinfect your office or building.

Staging– Your facility is there to attract customers, and having customer appeal means always having a professional first impression. Having the main entrance or waiting area cleaned properly with pillows fluffed, chairs aligned, magazines neatly stacked  & strategically placed for the next business day is important, after all this is your image.

Maintenance Programs – We offer contracted and non-contracted cleaning maintenance programs. Contracted Maintenance programs allow us to provide a substantial discount for services if you agree to use our services and within the recommended time frame period. Non-contractual Maintenance programs allow us to keep you informed on what services that need to attention along with our competitive pricing to keep you informed and in the know to make decisions when it is convenient for you.  We provide maintenance programs that are adjusted to any budget, reminders, and follow up on all services that we have completed to ensure customer satisfaction.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business and show you exactly how well we take care of our customers.