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  • Top 5 Things Businesses Forget to Clean

    Although your business tries its best to keep the workplace clean by ensuring windows are washed, dusting and vacuuming are done regularly, certain areas can be missed and cause your business embarrassment in front of guests or customers, as well as health concerns.

    The list below defines the top 5 most common areas of your commercial business that are often overlooked while cleaning:

    1. Door Knobs and Light Switch Covers
      Your doors and light switches are touched thousands of times throughout the workday. They will be dirty, but not just dirt and grime, harmful germs from visitors or employees can also be on them. If they are not cleaning effectively and routinely, you risk the spread of possible disease.


    2. Behind Office Equipment
      Next time you go to your copy machine and print something out, look behind it in all the small crevices things can hide in. Office equipment is faster then ever and generates millions of minuscule particles, which will gather around the equipment. Without proper cleaning by an expert such as Clean Force of Florida, they can build up and even damage the machine.


    3. Walls
      Walls behind open doors and certain office areas that see less foot traffic can gather a lot of dust particles. Those with textured surfaces can have even more dust and grime attached to them. Our service makes sure they are thoroughly cleaned.


    4. Vents
      During the cooler months in Florida, usage of heat can cause dust and debris to collected inside the vents in ceilings, kitchens and bathrooms. This is one of the most disregarded area of any commercial office space, unless you hire a professional and experienced Central Florida commercial cleaning company.


    5. Light Fixtures
      Over time, fixtures will gather dust, which can dull their shine but also can cause health concerns for employees, especially those with allergies or asthma. In addition, bugs are very attracted to light fixtures. Over time you will notice dead bugs around them or even in them. Let's face it, no one in the office wants to deal with that.


    By giving your business areas above the attention they need, your office or commercial facility can end up looking unattractive and could be a serious health issue for visitors and staff. A professional commercial cleaning expert at Clean Force of Florida is always ready to assist you. Fill out our online request form to get a free commercial cleaning estimate for your Orlando area business, or call 407-773-8613.