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  • Why Your Small Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Services

    Are you struggling to keep your office clean, especially with all the COVID-19 mess going on? It is a challenge, especially in the workplace, when you think it is more economical to do your cleaning in-house. However as your business starts to grow and hire more staff, your time is better spent on tasks that add to your bottom line. In this article we have outlined a few positives when hiring your commercial cleaning services.


    • Great First Impression: One of the top benefits when looking for a professional cleaning service in Central Florida is to ensure they give you a good first impression. First impressions are crucial to your clients and associates who enter your office/ A poorly maintained business or dirty office can turn off prospects and give the wrong impression to them. Therefore hiring a commercial cleaning company will aloow you to work in a spotless environment and present a great image of your business.


    • Productitivty: Commercial cleaning at your workplace will allow you to be more productive. When our staff comes in they won't get in the way and will be largely unnoticed working behind the scenes. When using a commercial cleaning company your employees no longer need to waste time on cleaning tasks. There will no longer be a need to dedicate any time to clean up and it allows them to be able to focus on their other essential duties to the business.


    • More Thorough: A commercial cleaning company will not only make your office much cleaner, but they can identify areas that may need disinfection, santizing or even decontaminated. With COVID-19 for example, you don't want to have your employees risk exposure cleaning it up. Instead, leave it to the experts in disinfection services for peace of mind and compliance with health regulations.


    Commercial cleaning services are a great choice for Florida businesses and it can be well worth the expense. It makes your business brighter, more productive and even more comfortable than before. Contact us today to get your free quote.

  • 8 Cleaning Tasks to Tackle Every Fall

    Cleaning isn't just for spring. Get your home and office ready for cozy indoor activies this season with these simple residential cleaning tasks.

    1. Refresh Your Interior

    You probably think spring is the perfect time to air out your home or office with summer ahead. However don't discount fall as another ideal cleaning time as well. People tend to spend more time indoors in the cooler weather, so it makes sense to wash, clean and refresh your interior spaces before settling in.

    2. Windows and Window Treatments

    Your windows and curtains have probably been ignored since spring, or maybe longer. Now is the perfect time to remove and wash your curtains and windows. Dust off your rods and read labels before you put your curtains in the washer. Most have to be air dried, which makes fall the ideal time for washing these items. Fall is usually a very dry time of year, so you shouldn't have to battle the rain when leaving them on a clothesline to dry.

    3. Inside Cabinets

    Look at what is inside your cabinets and toss anything you haven't used in awhile. See if you need to replace missing items such as plates or glasses in anticipation of the holidays. Dust builds up over time and it can require a decent amount of effort to remove. Use a hose attachment for your vacuum then spray and scrub cleaning solution on what you can't. Make a day of it, while your at it, clean the pantry too. Toss anything that expired or no good.

    4. Vents

    Often overlooked, grimy air filters and vent covers need to be removed for cleaning. Take them outside if the weather is decent and spray them down with a water ose and let them dry in the sun. Fall is a great time to also have your air ducts cleaned. Air filters don't catch everything, so it can use a helping hand every once and awhile. Cleaner ducts also mean your system will run more efficiently.

    5. Beat the Dust

    We know you may vacuum regularly, but when was the last time you cleaned behind the sofa or office desk? Doing a deep whole-house vacuum at least once before winter. Getting all that built-up dust and debris will feel satsifying, and you'll breathe easier too.

    6. Disinfect Trash Cans

    Bring your trash cans outside and hose them down. Fill with a diluted solution of bleach and leave to soak for a few hours. Rinse them off and scrub away any nasty bits. If you have a sliding cabinet for your trash can, be sure to wash in there too.

    7. Cleaning Appliances

    Tis the season of comfort food and family gatherings. Start fresh by giving your kitchen a deep cleaning service. Wipe everything down and don't forget behind your applicanes. It won't be pretty, who knows what you will find, but it will be worth it. 

    8. Clean The Baseboards

    Summer meant alot of foot traffic in and out of your home and even your office. If you have pets especially, you'll notice it will impact your baseboards. The muck will gravitate there and it's hard to remove without a scrubbing. Use a dusting cloth to wipe away surface dust and them get down and scrub away the stubborn grime. If they are stained it may be
    worthwhile to spend a day painting them to give them a refreshing look.

  • 7 Ways To Clean Your House Like A Pro

    It’s Saturday morning and you’re in a hurry to finish the chores so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check out these 7 cleaning techniques that will help get your house sparkling clean and free up your time for other activities.


    1. Better Techniques: Residential house cleaning is such a fun thing to do — said no one ever. It’s essential however to keep a home tidy and healthy. It can be a lot easier than you may think. By adopting the same techniques used by a professional cleaning company, not only will you finish the chores fastery, your house will reach a whole new level of clean. It’s all about organization and better techniques.

    2. Proper Gear: You can waste a lot of time bringing a single cleaning them, such as a dusting cloth, to a room to dust and then putting it away and fetching window cleaner. Rather than running back and forth, the pros shorten cleaning time by carrying a caddy filled with all the products they’ll be using, such as furniture polish, microfiber cloths, all-purpose spray cleaner, disinfectant, sponges and scrub brushes, so they don’t have to leave the room every time they need a different item. Bring a vacuum along as well.
    3. Use Products First: Tasks such as scrubbing toilets, removing hard water deposits, or cleaning away burnt-on oven spills require the use of cleaners that take time to dissolve the stains and gunk. By applying cleaners to these areas first, the chemicals will have a chance to soften and break down the stains. Just apply, and then go about your other cleaning chores. When you get back, the stains will wipe off easily and you won’t have to spend time scrubbing.
    4. Declutter Prior: It’s almost impossible to dust and vacuum when toys, books, and other items are all over coffee tables and floors. Pros know that the quickest and most efficient way to clean is to pick up and put away all the items that belong somewhere first. After that, you’ll have a clear path for cleaning, but doing both at once will have you running around in circles.
    5. Skip The Mop In The Bathroom: Most bathrooms are relatively small and it can be difficult—if not impossible—to maneuver a mop head behind the commode or between the tub and cabinet. For the cleanest bathroom floor, consider wiping it down with a rag. While this wouldn’t work on a larger kitchen floor, it’s the simplest way to get the bathroom floor really sparkling, and if kneeling is hard on your knees, invest in a good set of knee pads for cleaning day.
    6. Dust First, Vacuum Last: The last thing professional cleaners do in a home is vacuum—usually on their way out the door. That way, the first thing the homeowner sees upon arriving home is the just-vacuumed lines left behind in the carpet. If you vacuum before dusting and straightening up, dust and other debris can fall to the floor and you’ll have to vacuum a second time.
    7. Use Microfiber On Stainless Appliances: Many of today’s appliances are stainless steel, and nothing makes a kitchen sparkle and shine more than when these metallic surfaces are clean. The problem is wiping down the appliances with a kitchen rag, followed by a dry towel, can leave unsightly streaks and fuzzies. To get stainless steel to sparkle, use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe away stains and then follow-up immediately with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a streak and fuzzy-free finish.




  • 3 Tips To Keep Your Business Safe During COVID-19

    Keeping your workplace healthy and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a viable concern for many Central Florida businesses. Below we have assembled 3 tips that will help:


    • Actively Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home and Consider Flexible Work Arrangements


    If you have any staff or even customers that are showing signs of fever, respiratory issues or even a cold, suggest they stay home until they are symptom free. For employees, to make it easier, have flexible policies in place and make your employees aware of them. We suggest you also allow employees to care for sick family members or the ability to work from home to care for children while schools and daycares are closed to help with the impact this is having on them.


    • Perform More Regular Workplace Cleanings


    Keeping your business clean goes a long way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or any virus. Ensure all surfaces that are frequently touched are included in your routine cleaning procedures. This includes computers, counter tops, doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, water coolers, kitchen and break rooms and anything there is shared equipment in. Using disinfecting cleaning agents that are made for these type of areas will help. We encourage you to also provide disposable wipes to employees to wipe down their common areas before each use.


    • Promote Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette for Employees


    Promoting proper hand hygiene in your office. Ensure employees are aware of effective hand washing practices, washing for at least 20 seconds and using soap. Encourage them to cover their cough and sneezes with a tissue or into their elbow instead of their bare hand. Post these policies in bathrooms, hallways and other high traffic areas to ensure they are followed.




  • Top 5 Things Businesses Forget to Clean

    Although your business tries its best to keep the workplace clean by ensuring windows are washed, dusting and vacuuming are done regularly, certain areas can be missed and cause your business embarrassment in front of guests or customers, as well as health concerns.

    The list below defines the top 5 most common areas of your commercial business that are often overlooked while cleaning:

    1. Door Knobs and Light Switch Covers
      Your doors and light switches are touched thousands of times throughout the workday. They will be dirty, but not just dirt and grime, harmful germs from visitors or employees can also be on them. If they are not cleaning effectively and routinely, you risk the spread of possible disease.


    2. Behind Office Equipment
      Next time you go to your copy machine and print something out, look behind it in all the small crevices things can hide in. Office equipment is faster then ever and generates millions of minuscule particles, which will gather around the equipment. Without proper cleaning by an expert such as Clean Force of Florida, they can build up and even damage the machine.


    3. Walls
      Walls behind open doors and certain office areas that see less foot traffic can gather a lot of dust particles. Those with textured surfaces can have even more dust and grime attached to them. Our service makes sure they are thoroughly cleaned.


    4. Vents
      During the cooler months in Florida, usage of heat can cause dust and debris to collected inside the vents in ceilings, kitchens and bathrooms. This is one of the most disregarded area of any commercial office space, unless you hire a professional and experienced Central Florida commercial cleaning company.


    5. Light Fixtures
      Over time, fixtures will gather dust, which can dull their shine but also can cause health concerns for employees, especially those with allergies or asthma. In addition, bugs are very attracted to light fixtures. Over time you will notice dead bugs around them or even in them. Let's face it, no one in the office wants to deal with that.


    By giving your business areas above the attention they need, your office or commercial facility can end up looking unattractive and could be a serious health issue for visitors and staff. A professional commercial cleaning expert at Clean Force of Florida is always ready to assist you. Fill out our online request form to get a free commercial cleaning estimate for your Orlando area business, or call 407-773-8613.